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Considering abortion?

How far along you are can determine your options. Book a free ultrasound today.

Learn more about miscarriage and abortion pills or what you need to know before an abortion clinic procedure. We can provide free pregnancy and STD testing, proof of pregnancy, resources, aid, and additional services.

No matter what you decide, we're your first step.

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Abortion PILL FAQs

Is it safe to order abortion pills online?

The FDA does not recommend ordering abortion pills by mail due to a lack of safety measures. ​

Is everyone eligible for abortion pills? How do you cause a miscarriage at home?

No. There are many restrictions, including health history, the type of pregnancy, how far along you are, and more. Learn more about side effects, potential allergic reactions, what to expect if it fails, and more. DIY abortion methods that can cause a miscarriage can be dangerous. Please contact us if you are considering a forced miscarriage or at home abortion.

How can an ultrasound help? 

An ultrasound can confirm the location of the pregnancy, estimate your due date, rule out an ectopic pregnancy, and verify if the pregnancy is viable. 

How late or how early can I take the abortion pill? What if I'm more than 10 weeks pregnant?

The abortion pill should not be taken before 4 weeks, after 10 weeks, or if an intrauterine pregnancy has not been confirmed. We can talk through all your options and the aid available to you. We can provide an ultrasound at no cost. While we do not provide or refer for abortion services, we can give you the answers you need on how far along you are, your rights, abortion procedures and abortion pill side effects, what to expect, pregnancy options, and parenthood resources available to you.

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The Care You Deserve

I love this place - they make you feel at home and make you feel really safe.

The people were so kind and welcoming. I would suggest Marsha's Place to anyone.

I am so glad I found this place! Helpful and they didn't judge me.

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Need to start with pregnancy testing?

We can provide lab-quality testing at no cost to you.

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Get answers on abortion pills and all your options.

Learn more about abortion pills, abortion procedures, and all the options available to you.

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Confirm viability and how far along you are.

How far along you are can determine abortion types and cost. We provide cost-free ultrasounds so you can know for sure.

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We believe women and men have a right to get information from a resource that will not profit from the choices and decisions they make. All our services are free and confidential.  While we do not provide or refer for abortion services, we can answer your questions about side effects, what to expect, and more. We do not profit from any of your sexual health or pregnancy decisions. Contact us to learn more.


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