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Ministering to Abortion-Minded Clients

In our work at Marsha's Place PRC, we often have the opportunity to minister to clients who are abortion-minded (that is, clients who are actively seeking to obtain an abortion). Despite the overturning of Roe v. Wade, despite Kentucky's abortions restrictions, despite the fact that Kentucky's two abortion clinics have been closed down since last summer, many women in our community are still seeking abortions and will travel to Illinois in order to obtain one.

In a recent span of 36 hours, we had four abortion-minded women contact our center to set up an appointment for a pregnancy test and ultrasound. Marsha's Place makes no attempt to hide the fact that we are a pro-life ministry and that we do not perform or refer for abortion services. So, the question naturally arises, why would an abortion-minded woman make an appointment at Marsha's Place?

One of the greatest benefits of Marsha's Place being a medical clinic staffed by medical professionals is that we can be a free source of medically-accurate information that an abortion-minded woman needs. By confirming pregnancy through a limited OB ultrasound we are able to:

  • Confirm intrauterine pregnancy (ruling out ectopic pregnancy)

  • Confirm that it is a viable pregnancy (a heartbeat can be detected)

  • Confirm gestational age and estimated due date

This is important medical information that every abortion-minded woman needs to know. By offering these services at no cost (these same services can cost upwards of $200 at abortion clinics), we are a local, easy, low-pressure first step for a woman to take after she's found out she is pregnant.

Offering ultrasounds at very early stages of pregnancy (as early as 6 weeks) is one of the most powerful tools we have at our disposal to advocate for unborn life in the womb. Recent statistics from Care Net (a national association of more than 1,000 pregnancy care centers) showed that more than 50% of abortion-minded parents chose life for their child after viewing an ultrasound. In addition to providing a very real medical need, the limited OB ultrasounds we perform at Marsha's Place also help connect parents to the reality of what is taking place in the womb: a new life is being formed.

We are never coercive or manipulative in our appointments with clients; every client knows our stance on life as a ministry, and every mother can choose whether or not she wants to see her baby on the TV in our exam room. We seek to meet every client where they are with the compassion and grace of our Lord Jesus.

Offering these medical services at no cost enables us to display the truth of life in the womb and show off the enormous network of support that exists at Marsha's Place through our Earn While You Learn program and local partners. Last year we saw eight abortion-minded women choose life for their child after visiting Marsha's Place.

It is only because of your partnership that we are able to offer these services in our community. Thank you for helping us save lives and equip families in the Henderson area.

For Life,

Jared Marshall - Executive Director



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